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November 11, 2007

Test drive conclusions

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I test drove a Yamaha R6 and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R today – my first time on anything bigger than a 250. And wow, what can I say? They were mostly right. It was __completely__ different from my old 1988′ Honda CBR 250. It was like going from my Toyota Curren (similar to a Celica) to my Subaru Legacy – you could just feel every inch of the vehicle was in a different league – built to a different level of engineering. You could feel the new technology, the new power. It was amazing how different they felt to drive.

And the sound! Oh the sound… No audio recording can really do that justice – you have to *feel* it.

But – they weren’t as fast as I as expecting. They’re little rockets, but not uncontrollable lightning bolts that I’d built up in my head from all the warning stories from other people. After I told the shop guy he suggested I try a 1,000cc as you can get more bang while still keeping it under 60km/h. Might just have to take him up on that 😉

I was really learning towards the R6, but I drove the Ninja, as the insisted, I was terribly confused. I thought I liked the body style of the R6 much more than the Ninja, but that baby ain‘t got no booty and it kinda looks funny. But the Ninja colours are so boring and that green is dam ugly!

Ah well, back to the drawing board. Shall just have to test drive some more 😉

Pictures can be found in my facebook photo album.


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November 9, 2007

Oooh yeeeah, I’m legal baby! Passed my full Motorbike license!

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Passed my full up in Westgate today – the instructor was really great! Older big guy, with a Mo. Said he was a rider too. Made the experience much more pleasant than my restricted. Before the test he explained everything, like what speeds he expected me to be doing, where’d we’d be going etc. Didn’t go on the motorway – only 80km area for about 5 minutes. Was a great test, I think maybe only 20~30 minutes all up? Was too out of it / anxious to remember to check my watch!
I must say – feels like only yesterday that I passed my restricted!


now on to test ride some big bikes!

Went into Mt Eden motors after work today and had a long chat with this guy Selbe (sp?) – dark dude. Anyway, he lectured me about how much more powerful the bike I wanted to test is (Yamaha R6 06′) than my bike (Honda CBR 250 88′ Hurricane) for quite a while, then insisted that I come in tomorrow (Saturday) and test ride a couple of bikes – for nearly an hour each! Woah, can’t wait…. But after his speech, I’m a *tad* nervous!

Pity none of my friends ride big bikes! – Gonna suck going up North solo.

Attached is a picture of the bike I’m interested in… Now I just gotta some how justify the expense 😉

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