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November 21, 2007

Barack Obama – US Presidential Candidate

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I started watching some YouTube last night, as you do, and got sucked into the US political videos there. It was all started from a video I saw on onegoodmove of Barack Obama defending himself his beliefs quite strongly. Then I saw this one where “Hillary [Clinton] seems to think that making over $97,500 defines the middle class. Barack sets her straight.” Hillary Clinton, until I saw Barack in action, was my default favourite.

This all fascinated me and I started watching more and more Barack Videos, and some of the Democratic Presidential debate.

This all eventually led me to this video, which i find truely inspiring. Maybe there’s hope for America yet?

Thank God there’s no way Bush is gonna get in again (America, what were you thinking?!? ….. TWICE!!)

Barack Obama Logo

And hey – how cool would it be to have a president that can break dance?

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