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About Me

I first became involved with computers around the age of 6 (1988), and first started programming when I was about 10, in BASIC on my father’s Apple IIe computer. My passion for computers has never faded, and I’ve involved myself in numerous aspects of computing ever since.

I work at IBM as Software Engineer specialising in Java Web Application technologies. I have a particular interest in modern Web Application Frameworks, Open Source technology and various supporting infrastructure with a strong focus on use of best practices and software quality.

My background is in Computer Science where I specialised in Computer Graphics technology, Software Quality and Data Communications.

My goals with this blog, is to document all the obscure things I end up learning about IT for my job, and share them with the world. I quite often bump into things which aren’t clearly documented or obscure problems which could use some more light. I also want to store my reference material such as the firefox plugins I use, or the apps I use every day. I also want to document my contributions to open source and maintain a sort of living CV.

You can contact me at antony.stubbs [at] gee male tod moc

I am currently between motorbikes.


  1. What is it with those AppleIIe computers that got so many of us roped into programming at the wee ages? I also started around ages 5-6 (1981-1982) and my father also bought one of those Apple IIe thingies. I remember the intro software that came with it. (With the little keyboard graphic that would fall from the top making that little tinkle sound.) I thought it was so cool that the computer could type on itself in a GUI. Must’ve played that disk a billion times! We had Mrs. Pacman and Spy Hunter which I somehow hacked into finding a way to create new weapons and other effects. I also remember playing these cool RPGs like Wasteland and Bards Tale. Then from Apple IIe to IntelliVision II. We had the computer/keyboard attachment with the manual on BASIC. Those were the days

    Comment by Cliff — February 3, 2008 @ 3:35 am

  2. I was a Tandy 1000 & BASIC kid. I had an ancient Iomega 10MB removable disk drive for a grand total of 40MB of storage. It was sweet. Sounds like we have a lot of similar interests. Thanks for your help with wicket / portlets, Tony.

    Comment by — October 10, 2008 @ 6:06 am

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